6 Plank Oak Coffer

6 Plank Oak Coffer

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Small Oak 6 plank coffer - not a reproduction or copy but inspired by coffers from the 15th and 16th century. This coffer features hand forged hinges, handles and hasp - I hand forge these items in a small charcoal forge, they are then finished with linseed oil and secured with hand forged nails.  The coffer is glued and screwed with 24 brass screws - these are visible but can be concealed with oak plugs if required / ordered. Originally a coffer of this size would probably be used to store and transport coin, gold or other valuables, it is of a handy size to move and would have been used as a seat by the camp fire – handy but also secure... What will you keep in yours?

Measures 43 cm high x 23 cm wide x 61 cm long (17” x 9” x 24”) Internal measurements are 20.5 cm deep x 18.5 cm wide x 56.5 cm long (8” x 71/4” x 22”)

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